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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

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Except, unlike Lazenby, Routh was actually talented!
Snyder and the studio can be smart and give the role back to Routh. Why waste all kinds of time on yet another talent search? Two years till release seem like a lot of time, but I'm not sure it is for a project like this.
I would love for Routh to come back, but I just don't see it happening. I see Snyder and Nolan doing their own thing. However, if Snyder were to approach Routh about coming back, he would have to audition for a different kind of Superman- I'm sure whatever version of Superman that Snyder and Nolan are planning, that it's going to be different than what Singer had done for Superman Returns.
No problem. We already expect the storyline, production designs and visual style to be quite different. None of these things require a new lead actor.
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