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Re: Why do non-fans think we think it's real?

Because so many of us get emotional about the minutiae of the "Star Trek universe" and its continuity.

How "real" is this piece of made-up pooh-bah compared to that piece?

We talk about things like "the post-Dominion War era" as if it matters.

"How soon do you think we'll have something like the transporter, if ever?" I mean, that's a completely meaningless question for several reasons, but we can generate pages of discussion about it that appear to be predicated on a consensus that there's a chance that we can derive an answer.

It also doesn't help when the occasional whacko shows up for jury duty in a Trek costume while calling it a "uniform."

EDIT: I see spookytage beat me to that last observation.

A fictional franchise is only mildly comparable to a sports team, unless you're talking about something like the WWE.
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