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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

Colour me lukewarm. I liked his Dawn of the Dead a lot, enjoyed the ridiculous campness of 300 and thought Watchmen was a reasonably good adaptation of the classic graphic novel.

But - I think each of those movies has gotten successively poorer; DOTD is still my fave of them. 300 and Watchmen were way to reliant on slo-mo and too slavishly faithful to the source material. The style over substance accusation has some weight, IMHO. So I suppose we'll get a lovely looking Superman movie but we could have got that from Michael Bay.

I'm also underwhelmed at the use of General Zod. Singer got criticised for re-hashing Superman TM and its villain and plot, now this movie seems to be re-treading Superman 2. No Braniac, no Bizarro, no original villain?

And finally, to complete my disappointment, no Routh. That he might come back was always a long shot but one can hope. Or could have. Oh well.
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