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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

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I'm really glad I posted this bit. I'm not going to make a habit of posting fragments like this, but this section is so separate, story-wise, from the second half of the chapter that it could have been its own chapter if not for the shorter length ... and it had been a while. I hate keeping people waiting.

tau136 -- No, I've never heard of that series, but I looked it up on Wikipedia and saw the character listed. Seems like a weird name for him. But the series has a weird name.

I hope you'll stick with it!
Oh you're not losing me that easily.

Most the names in the books are odd - that's one of the leitmotifs.

Waiting ... Waitnig ... Waiting - oh that's fine cos whenever the story arrives it is well worth a wait; doesn't bother me.

Going into the Great Quigley Rescue Expedition! Yes; he is doing well and against the advice of his staid counterpart. His logistic skills are coming to the fore again; making best use of all the limited resources. However, he hasn't changed as much as he might. Despite holding up under stress and taking sure command he is still running with his emotions in making everyone his personal responsibility and using that to underpin his decisions. This time he has lucked out; in that none of his choices have come back to hit him in the face and he'll very likely be pulling a commendation, if the tide keeps flowing with him. it is only luck though. If his earlier rescue faux pas on Tesseract had worked out he'd have come out of that shining too. it didn't and he didn't. This time the tumblers are falling into line but is that any reliable way to operate as a senior officer.
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