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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

As I said in another thread, my net time has crashed to nearly zero right now;still at least it means I get to comment on the first twenties together.

They're reading like a stress test for all the characters . . . either forcing them out of character or more into character. You actually say that about Malok - how his even temper slipped and, contrariwise, you have Keene locking onto his core purpose and persona. The same is happening aboard the Onyx too, it seems to me; surely someone of Qwert's antecedents wouldn't ordinarily be so totally stunned by a firefight casualty. Then we have the one's who are being paplpably and comprehensively made over; Sarine most obviously but also Jasto & the Last-Vulcan-Ever. It isn't enough to be rearranging individuals you have to be messing with the species too. Your Kaleidoscope policy is beginning to bite methinks.

Isaporia !! My browser typeface had me misreading that as Isaporial (L) and set me off on a wild lexicographical goose chase for some relative of corporeal / arboreal / etc. Duh
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