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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

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I have a feeling they'll get made, but probably as later "Exclusives" and Variants. These were probably already in the works by the time the unexpected Doctor Fez love happened. I'd imagine we'll see that one as a San Diego Comi-Con Variant or Forbidden Planet UK Exclusive next year. Hopefully the same can be said for Auton Rory (he should have been in Phase II of this season's releases)...
The Doctor with Mop and fez, as weve said a few times in this thread, is a popular and very much wanted special edition figure, even if it is a double pack with something like an Amy or even in the vain of the, ahem, "simple crappy re-paints of figures", have three versions of The Doctor (standard/mop and fez/partly exterminated)and the Pandorica."

Itll be a shame to do a damn exclusive that Will only available to a handful of fans/or only in the US as a comic-con exclusive, like the Time Crash set.
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