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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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I'm DISCUSSING your blanket reaction to something that for some reason you dislike without finding out about it for yourself. Here's the wiki summary for the book
Four paragraphs were enough to confirm all my prejudices. From that summary:

When Lincoln is eleven years old... he vows in his diary to kill as many vampires as he can. A year later he lures the vampire responsible for his mother's death to the family farm and manages to kill it with a homemade stake.
Great. A bloodthirsty child Lincoln.

At the age of sixteen.... Henry sends Lincoln the names and addresses of evil vampires; Abraham dutifully tracks them down and kills them.
Lincoln the lawyer, the man of principle, the exceedingly gentle in all personal dealings, tracking down and killing sentient beings without trial or involvement with law authorities. Lovely.

Lincoln writes in his diary his belief that vampires will continue to exist in America as long as they can easily buy their victims in this manner - to end slavery is to end the scourge of vampires.

Lincoln becomes an Abolitionist.
Which he never actually was until military necessity mandated his de facto becoming so.

This is insulting juvenile tripe, plain and simple.
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