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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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Now THAT isn't true. He lives in your mind, not mine.
And that's the problem. I know him better and I like this fellow.

You stand and observe him from a neutral point of view. You notice things I don't
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I take it sexual harassment against males isn't something their culture commonly addresses in the open, then. After all, contrary to what some people like to say, men do have lines they don't want to be crossed without their consent, too.
I didn't think about it, actually. But I know that men have clearly defined lines, just as women do. Touching neck ridges would be as violating and offensive for both sexes. There's no such thing as a "he's guy, he would like it if a pretty girl would do it". No, he wouldn't.

My Cardassians treat physical relationships very seriously. Of course, there are many, who ignore those social rules and chase every girl (or every comfort woman), but as a rule they don't just jump into each other beds. That would be indecent. For both boys and girls.

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He didn't think Jarol would see his behaviour as a problem.
Ouch...I'm not sure whether that says something worse about Karama's own judgment, or if there's some other reason he would get that impression about Jarol!
It's his bad judgement. She was furious. And even for a second she didn't think that he did something innocent, or there was any justification to his behaviour.

It's not even that he had thought she would understand he wanted to punish the human, it's more like he expected her to understand that the human had to be punished for her ugly thoughts "about us, Cardassians".

I don't think he understands what he has done. He accepts the punishment, but did he say he regreted his behaviour? He regrets, because he was caught and he disappointed his Gul, not because he scared a woman to death.

Still, from his point of view it was a game. He didn't really want to hurt her, so he thinks he wasn't so wrong. Now, if someone would be really harassing her - he wouldn't condone that either. He wanted to "punish" her, not harm her. For him it's a difference. He can't see things from her point of view, he just doesn't get it.
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