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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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Kapoor definitely does have a tendency to speak and act without thinking...and THAT is even by human standards. Maybe some Cardassian discipline will be a good thing for her.
Do you think there still is a chance to "train" her?
Not in Starfleet...

I don't know how he could make a comment like saying he wanted Ullmann to live in her "hell" and not think that she believed every bit of it. I had thought he WANTED her to believe everything.
You're right. Good point. You know him better than I do
Now THAT isn't true. He lives in your mind, not mine.

But I still think he didn't fully realise how much he had scared her. He was very careful not to physically touch her. From where he stands, he thinks he didn't cross some lines. He just didn't understand it from her point of view, not to full extent. And surely didn't think he had brought her to a point where she would try to attack him (or defend herself, because she surely saw it as defence).
I take it sexual harassment against males isn't something their culture commonly addresses in the open, then. After all, contrary to what some people like to say, men do have lines they don't want to be crossed without their consent, too.

He didn't think Jarol would see his behaviour as a problem.
Ouch...I'm not sure whether that says something worse about Karama's own judgment, or if there's some other reason he would get that impression about Jarol!
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