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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

I liked his Dawn of the Dead remake, but I haven't really liked anything he has done since then. I thought 300 was an exercise in gratuitous violence without much in way of an actual plot or any resemblance of character development. Watchmen was better, however it still felt uneven. I have a feeling that no matter what, whoever made Watchmen was doomed from the getgo because unless you slavishly adapt the graphic novel- which in a lot of ways Snyder did- you're going to disappoint people, and even though I thought Malin Akerman was very weak and some of the story elements didn't necessarily pay off as hoped, it was a decently strong adaptation with good intentions.

I think my main problem with Snyder as a filmmaker is that as of late at least he seems to be more interested in style than substance. I thought 300 was a unique visual experience, until I saw Watchmen and realized a lot of the same visual preferences he originated in that movie crept into Watchmen and that was disappointing. I don't really want to see the action sequences in Snyder's Superman full of slow motion. Also, for those about to quip that Nolan's Inception had slow motion, at least the slow motion in that film related to story and was sparingly used. It's like Snyder has a "slow motion button" and clicks it every other moment when he can't help himself any longer.

However, there are two key elements that keep me invested in this film and that is the involvement of Christopher Nolan as producer and David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan's script. They give me faith and hope that this film will not just be visually dynamic but focused on also telling a good story with interesting characters as well. I know after Bryan Singer's Superman Returns that people want a "bang 'em up action movie", but any good action movie has a good balance at juggling an interesting story with well-developed characters.
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