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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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I don't think he was realising how far he had pushed her. He surely didn't expect to be attacked with a knife. Kapoor was reckless and she didn't think that inviting Karama to their quarters would be anything special, she thought that "all has been fixed". He went there, because he didn't expect Ullmann to take everything so seriously. He thought once he stopped paying any attention to her - no more problems.
Kapoor definitely does have a tendency to speak and act without thinking...and THAT is even by human standards. Maybe some Cardassian discipline will be a good thing for her.

That said though...for Karama not to understand or think through the implications of what he had done definitely demonstrated how bad his judgment was.

And then suddenly this. I'm sure he was surprised. He didn't want to provoke Ullmann, so he just backed out and left without a word. Maybe that was the moment when he realised what his "jokes" really meant to her, that she really believed everything he had said and she still believed it.
I don't know how he could make a comment like saying he wanted Ullmann to live in her "hell" and not think that she believed every bit of it. I had thought he WANTED her to believe everything. The one thing I don't think he was expecting was that she'd be driven to the point of a breakdown.

If he expected she would tell Jarol? I don't know. I don't think so.
Did he figure she'd be too scared to say something?
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