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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

I have to say, I definitely agreed with what Kapoor thought, about losing some self-respect by acting as though she condoned the atrocities. I hope we'll get to see more about what the Cardassians think about what happened--or more, that Kapoor will get to see it.

The episode with Karama in their That was awful. Honestly, I'm amazed Ullmann didn't get in trouble for brandishing a weapon at a Cardassian, no matter HOW much Karama started deliberately provoking her. But to see the way the other men in the mess hall looked at Ullmann and seemed to be talking about her--we can also see just what a horrible example Karama set for those below him in the hierarchy. I find myself wondering how soon Ullmann will be sent back to the Federation for her own good.

But what I like is seeing the way Karama is taking his punishment. I remember when I said that what would determine the quality of his character is whether he would blame others or recognize that he brought it on himself by egging Ullmann on. And he definitely seems to be accepting that he did this to himself. That's something not everybody can do, and it shows that Karama will indeed be able to learn and in the end will be a better person.
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