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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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The funny thing is, if Justin were to win the Oscar (I think a nomination is highly likely now, at least), he would be three quarters of the way to EGOT.

Hm interesting. Can I ask what EGOT is?
As Captain Craig said: Emmy Grammy Oscar Tony; also called the Awards Grand Slam. Only ten or twelve people have done it (depending on whether you count honourary awards).

Timberlake has six Grammies and two Emmies already; if he won an Oscar, he'd only need the Tony.

70. The American (B+)
71. The Kids Are All Right (B+)
72. The English Patient (A-)
73. The Town (B+)
74. The Social Network (A)
75. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (B+)

Had a few DVDs lying around waiting to be watched, and in memory of the late Sally Menke, decided to finally watch Kill Bill; did the first volume tonight. The verdict: technically impeccable (there's some really gorgeous imagery, such as the final swordfight in the snow garden), with some good fight scenes and jump moments, but it's held back by having absolutely no real depth (I understand that the second part is better on that score). Strong performances all around, for what the material provides. I like the detail of the Bride's legs not working when she wakes up from her coma (though if you're going to bring that into play, one could just as easily wonder about her arms).
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