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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

Zack Snyder it is. It was such a predictable pick that I had hoped it was not going to be him as much as love 300 and enjoy Watchmen. Be curious to see what a Snyder/Nolan collaboration delivers.

General Zod, well as long as it doesn't play as a wank fest to the Donnor films like Returns did in a drag out boring manner. Don't get me wrong the Donnor films were great...for their time. What Singer and Co. failed to realize was that era had passed and a real cinematic Superman update was needed. Instead we got an homage film that played more boring than anything Donnor would've done.

So now what I'm unclear on is this: Will this be a hard reboot ala Batman Begins or another soft sequel ala Returns just not adhering to Returns? I'm so over stalker Superman.
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