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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

Eh, kinda blah eppy, just getting from Point A to Point B. The drama with the kids is interesting, even if the actors for Astor and Cody aren't quite able to pull off the scenes convincingly. The stuff with Lagueta and Angel - snore!

I just hope that whatever they plan for Quinn that they just don't do a repeat of the Doakes plot.
I'm hoping they're setting up an opportunity to finally do the Deb Finds Out plot twist. What if the writers maneuver Deb into a situation where she must choose between Dex and Quinn? Easy choice, she'd choose Dex but what if that requires she kill Quinn? In that case, and she and Dex cover up the murder, that would easily explain why she wouldn't feel obligated to rat Dex out to the authorities. And it would set up a monumentally kick-ass final sixth season.

Go for it, writers!
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