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Enjoying the game, but I have a quick gripe about the local wonders. They say you need a barracks in every city say for the hermitage or whatever. You build them, then you build the wonder. Then you take another city... and since you don't have a barracks you lose that wonder. WTF! It's sooo annoying. Also lame that a civ will ask you to declare war on someone, then a few turns later call you a bloodthirsty jerk for the very thing they asked you to do. The biggest flaw with Civ 5 is the pathetic end game. Where's the replay? Where are my stats and graphs? All you get is that stupid score screen with a few tabs. After investing 20hrs in a single game I usually relish reading through the stat pages.

My last game I was somehwere in the middle of the pack overall while Catherine of Russia was dominating her side of the continent. She finally gets around to declaring war on me after killing off the pretty powerful hiawatha's empire that was between us. Using some bribery and strategic resources I was able to convince my other two neighbors to declare war on catherine. While they duked it out I sent every militairy unit I had straight for moscow since I didn't expect to be able to fight her off. I took out the three or four tiny cities she had in between and surrounded moscow with some hurt units. Surprisingly the specter of losing her capital was enough for her to offer me a peace treaty that offered me all her gold, strategic resources, and several small cities. That was enough to propel my mediocre society to world dominance. It also helped that the other two civs fighting Catherine never signed a peace treaty, even till the game ended with me getting the un vote.
She's so great. I feel like I can almost remember the magical thing I did to make her love me. But I guess I never will.
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