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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

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Yes there is! You GO! Qwert!
LOL! Love this comment!

Gul Spook wrote: View Post
Oh, no, Garabaldi ;( I liked her.
And Groves's words irritated me just like Qwert. What a cold thing to say.

Is there any official way to pronounce Ispaoreai Hyps’rat? Each time I try my tongue ties into a bow
The official way? Ummm... Yes, of course I have thought of this...

Is-POOR-ia Hype's-rat. I think... I don't know, how have you all been pronouncing it in your heads?

Yeah, Garabaldi has been sacrificed, and Groves' response was cold, but it was also what Qwert needed to bring him out of his shock.

Thanks for the comment!

MirrorKes7 wrote: View Post
Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
Is there any official way to pronounce Ispaoreai Hyps’rat? Each time I try my tongue ties into a bow
Seconding this. How the heck do you say that?

First off ... poor Garibaldi. A good officer who will no doubt be sorely missed by her colleagues.

Qwert continues to intrigue. He actually sounded very Janeway-esque there for a second. I love it. Something tells me if those two could meet, they'd be either fast friends or darkest enemies, depending on whether their goals matched up.

So we have a little more info on what's going on with Sarine. Altered DNA. A living weapon. This should end well. I refuse to believe he's dead. I'm waiting for proof.

And Colin -- slowly returning to his soldier roots. I'd love to see a flashback or a short story centered on him before his political life. I think it would be most enlightening.

This 'holy war' you've set up is fascinating. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next. Excellent stuff.
Qwert and Janeway? Now that is a crossover we should really try! Especially if they are enemies!

So you think Sarine has survived? I hope you're right. Remember, in the middle of all this holy way, the Darkness we saw in the prologue to volume II is still out there...

I may write something with Colin in the future, I have a few ideas for short stories but time being what it is at the mo...

Glad you're liking the direction of this holy war. I'll try and keep you on the edge of your seat as this volume wraps up!

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
At last, we get a glimpse into what was done to Sarine, and why he’s so significant to the Laurentii.

Qwert and his new allies had better move quickly. A running firefight in a station filled with hostiles where the very interior of the station could be your enemy… yeah… that’s a whole new level of ugliness.
Thanks for the comment Gibraltar! Yes, I thought it was about time we get some answers on Sarine, though there are still some layers that have yet to be peeled back on what his role really is.

As to Qwert - why do you think this will be a running firefight? Remember, Qwert is an assassin - sneakiness is much more his style!

Thanks to you all, more coming tonight!

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