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Re: Favourite Bond films....

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But things are shitty
...Yes, I know. But I'm going to a James Bond movie to escape & ignore that.

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Die Another Day is a seriously underated film, for me it only loses it on the Antanov at the end. Invisible car I can live with, but Toby Stephens (who is a magnificent villain) in a robot suit is lousy. Plus tired of the American Bond girls, I really wanted Rosamund Pike to kill Halle Berry
Agreed. Most of these gadgets, including the invisible car, would have been fine in isolation. The problem is there's just too many of everything.

And I'd heard somewhere that Pierce Brosnan was seriously lobbying for the rival agent to be the return of Michelle Yeoh's Chinese spy from Tomorrow Never Dies. Instead, we got Halle Berry's disdainful performance.
Yeah I wish we'd got Michelle Yeoh again, although Wai Lin isn't that high on my Bond girl list she'd have been preferable to Halle Berry. Jinx wasn't as bad as I feared she'd be, but had far too much emphasis (and is why I'm glad they didn't get Jolie for Casino Royale!)

I think part of the problem with DAD is that they were trying to go over the top, afrer all in context it was supposed to be a bit of a celebratory pic as the 20th Bond film. They did overdo it though, especially on the Cgi some of which wasn't up to spec.

Then again people are so wedded to the idea of CG that they see it when it's not there. Someone remarked to me that he thought the cgi of the Aston rolling in CR was very good.

I had to point out that they'd really rolled the car!!
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