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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

I think Justin Timberlake surprisingly gave the best performance in the film, which is saying something since the entire cast is rock solid, and I think he'll walk away with the very least a Best Supporting Actor nomination. I never liked him as a recording artist, but he's been proving himself as a solid, consistently strong actor. Color me impressed.

The rest of the movie aside, I have a hard time finding any complaints, besides the point mentioned above that the movie does sort of just end, leaving you feeling a little unsatisfied. However, that's to be expected when you're telling a story about something that is still, for the most part, still on-going. I will say though that only David Fincher (and Aaron Sorkin) could make a movie that is 90% talking 100% entertaining, even though it did start to feel a little sluggish around the infamous chicken cannibalism bit.

Still, the movie manages to take all of the computer programming jargon, technicality and chronology of the creation of Facebook and make it into a relentlessly engaging, emotionally affecting and entertaining movie all around. For anyone who compares Jesse Eisenberg to Michael Cera, after this movie the comparisons will stop. He delivers a really multi-faceted, wide-ranged performance which takes you from outright disliking the guy to feeling sympathetic toward him at the end. That's the testament of a good performance in my opinion.

I was surprised at a cast that is mostly twentysomethings that I couldn't find a weak link at all. Andrew Garfield's portrayal of Eduardo makes him the most likable and enduring of all the characters in the film, and even Rooney Mara's short but pivotal role as Erica is very strong. Aaron Sorkin's script is incredibly tight, witty and sharp; the cinematography, score by Trent Reznor and editing is all very well done; and David Fincher creates a great sense of mood with the settings, color platette, pace of the film and does a great job directing his actors.

I wouldn't say this was the film of the decade, or even the film of the year. However, it's incredibly fine filmmaking and definitely one of the strongest films of the year so far. A solid ***1/2 stars.
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