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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

Nerys Dukat wrote: View Post
But the old system ruled by fear, not by legitimate power. So Brenok could easily have not become a dissident because of fear for his life (before they were killed) that of his family.
Did you get that impression? That Brenok was a scared man, who would follow any order our of fear? Did he join the military to pretend he was loyal so that he and his family would be safe in the system?

And they won't rule by fear.

I didn't think about it earlier, but in my country's history there was a coup, which brought dictatorship, but by no means a totalitarian rule of cruelty and fear.

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Your Ghemor wasn't the best, but the system he represented would've offered an opportunity to deal with the problem in another way.
And they formed their political group/party to do just that. However things got our of hands.
I never said they were ideal They just saw that things don't go the right direction and believed they had a solution and knew how to fix it. If they were right or wrong...

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Would you believe that she has a team of civilian advisers, and she made it a point to have at least two of each non-Cardassian race, including humans from former Federation colonies?
That would be helpful. Of course, I think they could easily devolve into figureheads once Jarol herself, and the others, are gone. What prevents that?
No one can assure that next ones would be better or as good (if current ones are good). What would prevent Ghemor's successor from changing Ghemor's reforms or twisting his style of ruling Cardassia? No one can give such guarantees.
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