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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

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I don't remember either, so can say for sure. I think he was invited, but still, it was a small group of Romulans. No all Romulans wanted to be "converter" and Spock's approach seemed to be: "you'll be better". So those, who wouldn't choose to follow, would be considered worse and looked down upon?
That would be the real determinant of how I would think of it. If there were multiple cultures able to coexist within Romulan space, or if the Romulans decided over generations that they wanted something different and did it, I would be fine with it. Imposing it by any kind of coercion or arrogance I wouldn't support.

I wanted to bring it back to a Cardassia style we knew and take it from there.
And to show that for some people the Central Command's rule wasn't necessarily a personification of evil. Some people functioned in this system and they didn't have to be total ba$%$rds. Brenok supported the coup, and he had served Cardassian governments faithfully, but is he a bad person? Whatever were his personal thoughts and opinions, he never became a dissident, so there was something there in the old system that worked for him.
But the old system ruled by fear, not by legitimate power. So Brenok could easily have not become a dissident because of fear for his life (before they were killed) that of his family.

Nerys Dukat wrote: View Post
Still, what makes me say that she did not deserve this promotion is that she is BEING the Nadar or Dukat in this situation.
Ouch, that hurts.
Not intended in a personal manner, of course. It's the parallel in the actions of the three characters I'm referring to. Each deposed a group whose power was more legitimate than theirs, to become what they were. Dukat overthrew the Detapa Council, Nadar overthrew Corak, and Jarol overthrew Ghemor. Your Ghemor wasn't the best, but the system he represented would've offered an opportunity to deal with the problem in another way.

Nerys Dukat wrote: View Post
Maybe, IF she can be a leader with a conscience, IF she can actually use that power for good, she can come to deserve that rank more. But right now, I still think this is the promotion she didn't deserve, not the one to gul.
Would you believe that she has a team of civilian advisers, and she made it a point to have at least two of each non-Cardassian race, including humans from former Federation colonies?
That would be helpful. Of course, I think they could easily devolve into figureheads once Jarol herself, and the others, are gone. What prevents that?
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