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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

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I think the question with Spock would be, who invited him? If a group of underground Romulans invited him because that was what they wanted, then I have no problem with that. People can desire to change their cultures of their own will. Even though I don't like Vulcan culture all that much, if it was their idea rather than his I wouldn't mind, and may the best idea (his or theirs) win. If it's him forcing his ways upon people, then I don't approve. Honestly, I'm not sure which way it was in that's been too many years.
I don't remember either, so can say for sure. I think he was invited, but still, it was a small group of Romulans. No all Romulans wanted to be "converter" and Spock's approach seemed to be: "you'll be better". So those, who wouldn't choose to follow, would be considered worse and looked down upon?
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I guess it all comes down to the question of "what makes a Cardassian." I think you and I may answer that question a bit differently...I tend to write with the premise that when Akleen's revolution happened they lost something that was a legitimate part of them--that there is more to them than outsiders, or even many of their own people realize. Mine definitely aren't the Federation and never will be, whatever universe you put them in, but I also don't accept the military/Obsidian Order regime as the true soul of their people either.
I think they need a strong leadership, which would be an answer - and reaction - to their hierarchy instincts. Not necessarily in the form of a military coup, but the end of DS9 and then A Stitch in Time made Cardassia something I didn't like and didn't see Cardassian. They destroyed what was unique about Cardassians.

I wanted to bring it back to a Cardassia style we knew and take it from there.
And to show that for some people the Central Command's rule wasn't necessarily a personification of evil. Some people functioned in this system and they didn't have to be total ba$%$rds. Brenok supported the coup, and he had served Cardassian governments faithfully, but is he a bad person? Whatever were his personal thoughts and opinions, he never became a dissident, so there was something there in the old system that worked for him.

There is a difference, though. It's not visible, but a lot happened during those 17 years. It will all be explained in the next story, which picks up shortly after this conference and will slowly explain what Cardassian is like now, in 2396.

I want to skip the process of reaching this point, because I think it would be boring. No story, a social/political study

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Still, what makes me say that she did not deserve this promotion is that she is BEING the Nadar or Dukat in this situation.
Ouch, that hurts.
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Maybe, IF she can be a leader with a conscience, IF she can actually use that power for good, she can come to deserve that rank more. But right now, I still think this is the promotion she didn't deserve, not the one to gul.
Would you believe that she has a team of civilian advisers, and she made it a point to have at least two of each non-Cardassian race, including humans from former Federation colonies?
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