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Re: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Picked this up yesterday, had a bit of a play through the first 3 levels.

There is a little bit of an Arkham Asylum feel here, they seem to have incorporated some of the game mechanics over from the Batman game. The fight engine, web zipping to ledges, Spidey sense & the stealth elements seen in the 'Noir' segments are pretty much lifted directly from Batman AA.

So far it's pretty cool gameplay wise. The voice acting is also decent, and they seem to have captured Spidey's sense of humour better than the Toby McGuire films.

The only real downsides so far are a few annoyances with the camera when trying to crawl on walls/ceilings, a very linear level structure with invisible walls to keep you on the straigt and narrow, and what seems to be a rather weak story (in comparison to Batman).

Still, so far I have to say it's a lot of fun.

Anyone else been playing it?
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