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Hehe, 69

OK, sorry about that. Sucks about the bug. A workaround would be to load an auto save from when you had 68 cities and abandon a captured enemy city. Then you can at least get credit for the victory.

Anyway, I've successfully gotten domination, diplomatic, and cultural victories. I'm debating whether I should go for Scientific or go up in difficulty. Cultural victory with the Aztecs was fun. It's UA isn't really all that helpful for cultural victory, but it at least allowed me to keep cultural production high even when the AI declares war on you. I somehow decided it was a good idea to go for a peaceful game with the Aztecs, so I was glad they helped me out.

Also, I swear this game makes me evil. After Babylon declared war on me and I punished them for their aggressiveness by liberating two city-states and razing one of the cities to the ground (Shushan in the picture), Nebuchadnezzar contacts me begging for peace. I demand four extra cities and, when he gives them to me, I slowly burn them to the ground. No one dared to declare war on me after that point.
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