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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

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Well, I surely didn't mean any specific - or even not specific - situation in our own history. I thought purely about Cardassians and the way to keep them being Cardassians. Klingons have a right to remain Klingons, Romulans have a right to remain Romulans (although Spock in his Vulcan arrogance of course believes they should learn to follow Surak's teachings and become Vulcans "again"), so why Cardassians should become Federation?
I think the question with Spock would be, who invited him? If a group of underground Romulans invited him because that was what they wanted, then I have no problem with that. People can desire to change their cultures of their own will. Even though I don't like Vulcan culture all that much, if it was their idea rather than his I wouldn't mind, and may the best idea (his or theirs) win. If it's him forcing his ways upon people, then I don't approve. Honestly, I'm not sure which way it was in that's been too many years.

I guess it all comes down to the question of "what makes a Cardassian." I think you and I may answer that question a bit differently...I tend to write with the premise that when Akleen's revolution happened they lost something that was a legitimate part of them--that there is more to them than outsiders, or even many of their own people realize. Mine definitely aren't the Federation and never will be, whatever universe you put them in, but I also don't accept the military/Obsidian Order regime as the true soul of their people either.

I'm not so sure she had earned the rank of Gul. Dukat made her a Gul (pulling some strings), because he needed someone to manipulate and someone totally loyal to him. I don't think his appreciation to her skill was the only reason. She was very young when she was promoted and had very limited command experience.
The difference in my mind is that she did not intend to ascend to power over Corak's dead body. No action that she took, directly or indirectly, brought that situation to pass. She didn't kill Corak or even want him dead. And I also don't believe she liked Dukat being sexually attracted to her or encouraged that in any way. And while she was young, she did have the necessary skills for the position.

She didn't ask to be Legate, she never wanted that much responsibility, and I think she didn't realise that planning the Shift would bring such a change for her. She wanted good, she just didn't think she would have to make that good. It was Daset's job, and Tarkans, and she would be happy to stay on her ship and go on being a good Gul, leading Corak's crew.
Still, what makes me say that she did not deserve this promotion is that she is BEING the Nadar or Dukat in this situation. Whatever power she got from this, she got it by a means that I think was not right--not because someone else put her in that position, but because of her own actions.

Maybe, IF she can be a leader with a conscience, IF she can actually use that power for good, she can come to deserve that rank more. But right now, I still think this is the promotion she didn't deserve, not the one to gul.
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