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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

Well, I surely didn't mean any specific - or even not specific - situation in our own history. I thought purely about Cardassians and the way to keep them being Cardassians. Klingons have a right to remain Klingons, Romulans have a right to remain Romulans (although Spock in his Vulcan arrogance of course believes they should learn to follow Surak's teachings and become Vulcans "again"), so why Cardassians should become Federation?

I'm not so sure she had earned the rank of Gul. Dukat made her a Gul (pulling some strings), because he needed someone to manipulate and someone totally loyal to him. I don't think his appreciation to her skill was the only reason. She was very young when she was promoted and had very limited command experience.
She didn't ask to be Legate, she never wanted that much responsibility, and I think she didn't realise that planning the Shift would bring such a change for her. She wanted good, she just didn't think she would have to make that good. It was Daset's job, and Tarkans, and she would be happy to stay on her ship and go on being a good Gul, leading Corak's crew.

Well, if the story leaves you scratching your head and wondering, and disagreeing too - then I've achieved my goal
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