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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

Wow. Very powerful stuff.

I ended up with very mixed feelings at the end. For the characters personally--most of them--I was very happy. Brenok, Karama, and Kapoor all got the promotions and the appreciation they deserved.

As for Jarol and Ghemor...I still have a hard time accepting that two wrongs make a right in this situation. When your Ghemor accepted the Federation restrictions on the size of their military, that was finally the last straw for me and even I got mad at him. But even in real life, when we have had presidents engage in the absolute most foolhardy policies you can imagine (and I will absolutely not discuss who or what policies in this thread), I have a major, major problem with using force to remove that person. I mean, thank goodness they didn't kill Ghemor--but do you really think he could possibly be safe anywhere in Cardassian space after that? Maybe Jarol personally would not want him dead, but I really doubt that everyone who might be assigned to protect him would do their best job. But still...I guess I have a hard time seeing, after what Jarol did, how anything but tyranny could happen once those who took that vow not to oppress their people are dead. No Obsidian Order will help, but even a military regime can be bad enough. And I have a hard time finding that situation more right than what Ghemor was doing.

So in the end, I am still not quite sure what kind of person Jarol is, nor am I sure how I feel about her rank. I never had any doubt that she earned the rank of Gul. But I am not sure she earned the rank of Legate. On one hand I think she means well, but on the other hand, I am still not quite sure that the things she does are really good and I keep thinking there had to be a better solution.

You did a VERY good job writing this story--it's good that it made me think and that I can even disagree with it.
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