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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

Ohh...and open end sort of. *G* Will you answer that Federation Question at one time?
Well, life goes on, so I couldn't bring it to a particular closure

What happend to Garak? As he talked with Ghemor I suppose he was on his side? Did he went home as well? Home on Cardassia? Or home to the Federation?
I don't know what happened to Garak, you have to ask him if he chose to stay on Cardassian or leave again. They wouldn't interfere with his choice.

*applouds to the story* I enjoyed reading it very much and I think that military coup was the cardassian way, but with Jarol and Brenok being part of the high ranking ones/ government something good has to come out of it.
Thank you
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