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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian


Commander Niamh Raskin's Personal Log
Stardate 73756.3
Old Earth Calendar: 3rd of October 2396

I think everyone dreaded the Cardassians' arrival as no one knew what to expect. First we weren't sure how to notify and invite them to our conference, so we settled for sending a general message to Cardassia Prime. “To whom it may concern”. However we weren't sure they had received it, so finally we had to ask the Ferengi – of all people, the Ferengi! - to pass the message to the Cardassians, as only the Ferengi were still in contact with them, since the new Central Command had closed its borders and isolated the Union from the Alpha Quardant over fifteen years ago.

We knew very little of their military coup. They had acted on their threat of attacking all vessels, which would cross their borders uninvited, and after a few skirmished no one wanted to bother them again. No one knew what was happening there.

However the Borg threat became too serious and the Federation Council decided that all governments of the Alpha Quadrant should be included in our conference. Also the Cardassians.

We had managed to get the message through, thanks to the Ferengi, and the Cardassians, in person of one Legate Daset, confirmed their arrival. One ship. Two representatives of their government and the highest ranking military Gul.

And so they have arrived. Upon approaching our borders they had politely asked for permission to enter the Federation territory and then a massive warship travelled through Federation space to Sol. And she was massive, all right. Twice the size of their Galor class, armed to teeth, it resembled a giant, brown orca with a tail resembling a kind of trident.

I was assigned to the Cardassians. A prospect I didn't look forward to, especially after seeing their heavily armed warship.

They hailed us.

A Cardassian with long hair and a friendly smile, wearing a Cardassian uniform with black and silver sides, who introduced himself as Gul Brenok, politely asked for permission to join the conference. Since they hadn't provided any information prior to their arrival, I had to ask who would be present on the conference. And he kindly informed me that he would accompany two Legates, namely Legate Jarol, who occurred to be a woman in a silver uniform standing to his left, and Legate Jotrel, a man in silver too, with a stern look on his face, to Brenok's right. They would also take six guards. I acknowledged and he disconnected.

Whatever the Cardassians were doing behind their closed door, they seemed to prosper.

Good for them!

But was it good for us?

The End
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