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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Once again Cardiff do their best to induce a heart-attack vs Barnsley:
First half non-event
Sir Craig pops up in the 43rd to hammer in a half-time lead
Around the hour, Gyepes scores a header to make it 0-2. Sadly, Bothroyd, standing in an offside position, helped it in, so it was ruled out. It was going in anyway!
A few minutes later, Barnsley equalise.
A few minutes later, Cardiff miss a penalty.
From the resulting corner, Cardiff score - Olofinjana to make it 1-2.
81 minutes on the clock, Blake is sent off for Cardiff for a second yellow, making us have to endure 10 minutes or so with ten men. Which we did.

Can't we just win the simple way for once?!
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