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Re: "Let Me In" - Discussion & Grading

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I'd be interested to see if they retain one particular element from the original
I saw this last night (and the original a few weeks ago.)

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I just got home from seeing it at a before noon matinee. Oklahoma City is like a ghost town; everyone must have driven to Dallas. Why are there spoiler boxes in a discussion and grading thread?
Well, I posted the thread before the movie opened, so I thought spoiler boxes might be appropriate.


Who knows how long she's been doing it? I can't believe I didn't immediately grasp that the dorky little boy in glasses in the photos with her was her first protector.
Yes, I thought that was an interesting aspect; and then the cycle begins anew with Owen. I wondered if that was the case with her guardian in the original film, but it didn't really provide an answer as to the nature of their relationship.

Apparently, in the original novel, however, her guardian was simply a pedophile that she picked up fairly recently.

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I think if I hadn't watched the other one about 10 months ago I might have been more interested in seeing the US version. If they'd at least waited 5 or so years it would have been worth seeing.
Yeah, I understand what your saying -- I think that was part of the problem I had while watching it. I saw the original less than two years ago, and it's still pretty fresh in my mind. As such, this one probably lost a bit of its impact for me.

Oh, and don't forget to grade the film in the poll if you've seen it!
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