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Re: Michael Caine explains the ending of INCEPTION

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The film stopped the moment we saw the top falling. The belief there is anything ambiguous about whether the top falls is just flat out wrong. If Nolan thinks there was any ambiguity about whether the top falls, he understands nothing about how the material world works. (Which by the way would be a severe criticism of his intelligence.)
I didn't know you were the absolute authority on such matters. I'm not even sure you understand the rules of the movie itself- the ambiguity comes from the explanation that Cobb gives that when the spinning top refuses to fall, that unequivocally means he's still in the dream world. When the top falls, it means he's in the real world.

Now, of course, Cobb also mentions that no one should touch your totem because then it would defeat the purpose of the totem being a reminder of what is real and what is not, which adds another layer of doubt onto the viewer. Is the entire thing a dream? Is Cobb really losing it all and lost in the dream realm, unable to successfully distinguish what is real and what is not real anymore?

The point of the ending was not to give a definitive answer, but to allow the audience to leave the theater with their own unique interpretation of what happened. We have no idea if the top was going to fall, and that is exactly what Nolan wanted- he wanted to instill doubt in the minds of the moviegoers, and was successful at achieving that.

However, if the top is somehow imagined to not fall, it means that DiCaprio simply ignored what he told the false Mal about preferring reality. Coupled with Cillian Murphy's fake epiphany about his father's love, the movie quite unambiguously implies dreams/the movies/fiction are just as good as the real thing.
If anything, what I took out of the movie is that you should reject the false world as anything legitimate- but then again the meaning of the film is subjective and differs upon various interpretations. The idea is that Cobb was trying to get emotional catharsis of his own, and perhaps by achieving that toward the end of the film it didn't matter to him what was real or what was not- all that mattered was moving on emotionally from being distraught.

These arguments are astonishingly successful in lowering my opinion of Nolan's talents and achievements.
Okay. Well, that's entirely your opinion, even though I'm glad to say you are in the minority and your opinion is the furthest thing from absolute.
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