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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Dear Kes:
Greetings. I know I haven't been around for a long while. Sorry for that. Rrecently, I once again found Tesseract, and am very happy for it. Part II is AWESOME, Kes. Thank you!

But what I'm thinking of right now isn't merely your linguistic skill, all that narrative niftiness. What I'm thinking and feeling right now is profound and acute gratitude. I was so pissed this morning--at a great many people and things. Ever more, I find that I am a misanthropic-humanist.

So, there I was, pissed and sad. Then I indulged my whim (hope!) that you'd have posted a new chapter, especially since I'm bereft of fresh Trek for at least another month until Zero Sum Game hits the stores. Calloo calay! You did not disappoint.

The first few lines of this chapter had me thinking and fearing the prospect that this was to be about Icheb and Maren. I strove mightily to NOT skip ahead several sentences. Then when the phaser fired, I literally gasped! NO!, I thought, she would not have Maren shoot Icheb in the head. Obviously, you didn't. Which made John's finding Adrian Keller's kids and wife all the more thrilling. Not only had the love of Icheb's life not shot his brains and cortical array out of his skull, but John Quigley seems to be saving the day--heretofore bad judgement, catastrophe, and Vulcan logic notwithstanding.

At the end of the chapter when Mrs. Keller called out for help, I felt a rush that was, for me, ALL about Trek--the triumph of hope. I really needed that this morning. Thank you Kes.

With great regard,

PS: Got my fingers crossed that the Kellers make it. Not only great for Adrian, but, honestly (to be a bit crass), this will so endear John to Lt. Cmdr Keller and the senior staff in general, and to the Kellers's dinner guest, The Captain, particularly. John can use a commendation right about now.... I just hope Ryzal's family is okay too.
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