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Re: Autumn Reeser: Genre babe of the week #36 (Oct. 2010)

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Forgive a little rant... studio floors are filthy, I know, but if you're going to be photographing pretty long-legged actresses while they're barefoot, give them something to clean their soles off before taking photos.

I see this all the fucking time on photo series, including expensive ones with major actresses, and it's a serious turn-off.

I know some people are into dirty feet, but I am not, and I doubt most people are...
Heh. I always notice that, too. Doesn't usually bother me, though.
The thing is, it just speaks of a lack of attention to detail. These actresses' time is not cheap, and neither is the whole photoshoot. They spend ages getting lighting, clothes, make-up absolutely perfect... and then don't even notice the patently dirty feet? I don't get it. At least photoshop them clean afterwards, if you forget to give them a baby-wipe or something before taking the pics.

To use an appropriate analogy, would you want your slice of cheesecake served to you with dust bunnies covering one end of it?
Eh, I don't think it's a lack of attention to detail; I'm sure they notice as much as we do, but for whatever reason they decide it's okay. The only time it ever really bothered me was when I was watching a vintage stag film called "Wolfman's Bongo Party" (or something like that)-- they must have filmed it in an old auto repair shop or something, because the soles of one girl's feet were black.
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