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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

Crap! I had a long post with lots of rec's... and it disappeared!


Lets see... it started out reminding Purdybear that out very own AMG does vids under the name of touchdown possum and I'm sure she loves the fact that you linked her yellow sub vid in your giggle file. And I know we both love your "Voyager of Love, its been in my fav file for months.

Speaking of love, I love the J/C one you found, and respond with a few more...

Not exactly "popcorn" but the driving beat makes me think of it...

angsty J/C...


And to show that I just don't love J/C, here's a J/J that breaks my heart.

Or, how about J/Q?

Talk about "lovely"this was wonderful, its in my fav file now... thanks!

Love the "Stand"... here's another version by our very own "Noordledoordle...

and how about its companion, "Stand in the rain"? by scorey 5001, or the version by JanewayJunkie?

AMG... that J/7 vid nearly had me crying!

Speaking of crying... I think we've done this one recently but even though you hate BLT I'm adding it again...

I just realized I was missing a J/7... and THOUGHT I had a beautiful, serious one with this Andy Williams love song. THANK GOD I was WRONG!

Here's a more serious contribution!

Oh Purdy, thanks for answering my Xena questions. I've been gone for a week, or I would have responded earlier. Thankfully, while on break I was able to finish watching the last 2 seasons of Xena:Warrior princess, and all i can say is HOW the HELL did I let myself miss this the first time through? In thanks for your insights, I have a X:WP offering for you.... the only star trek version I could find of this lovely song is here... and it includes the last 4 series. Perhaps we can prevail upon AMG to consider making a Voy only version?
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