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Re: Comic Caption Contest #7: Attack of the Killer Robot Army

O'Brien: "Major, why do you even need a hairdryer this big?"

Kira: "You wanna go back to waste extraction, Chief? Fix the damn thing!"

Scotty: "Suh, there's something really off about the Enterprise!"

Kirk: "Really? What's wrong?"

Spock: "It would appear that the sombrero is missing."

Kirk: "An army of kill-bots! Quick, what would Zapp Brannigan do?"

Navigator: "Uh, sir, don't you think we should worry about the Klingons?"

Kirk: "If you turn that channel away from NFL RedZone, you're a dead man!"

Green guy: "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Geordi: "It's just that, well, that thing on your head keeps moving whenever Counselor Troi shows up."

Green guy: "Not everyone keeps their genitals in the same place, Commander."
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