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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

KK a ragbag of a response here; I'm between countries and down to minimum internet for about another week.

First off a comeback to your comeback to my comeback to the previous chapter of Tesseract

kes7 wrote: View Post
As for the poker game ... feel free to compare and contrast Maren and Adele, but that's not what I intended when writing this chapter. The two of them do have some interesting almost-parallels, though.
Yeah! Right at that point their situations, seemed to be running on pretty much parallel tracks; which is what struck me

Next . . . The Literature Corner
Have you come across a Teen Fiction Fan Fave Series called Skulduggery Pleasant XXX ? The latest book out has a major new behemoth of a character in it called . . . Tesseract

Now then > chapters or crumbs ???

Chapters every time I'd much rather wait and get a decent, coherent chunk rather than small snippets. That fragmentary style actually puts me off net fic. You'd probably find me staying away for months / years in the hopes of coming back to a chapter-in-installments.

Doesn't look like I'l get to read & review the next chapter today - my alllotted hour is nearly run but hopefully soon.
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