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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

220. The Cocoanuts [C]

Like most of the Marx Brothers' early motion picture comedies (this one is their first, in fact) The Cocoanuts has ten minutes of musical numbers that could be easily excised, and another ten or fifteen minutes devoted to secondary characters which are equally non-essential. The film is also hampered by sound technology, which was still being developed in 1929, meaning the sound quality is rough and non-diagetic scoring completely absent due to technical limitations. Still, when you get down to the three Marx Brothers (Zeppo is technically in this one, but his role is so small and played so straight that he might as well be unrelated to the others) the material is as great as ever (Chico at the auction is great, and Groucho gets plenty of great dialogue as usual). I wouldn't make it your first Marx Brother comedy, but it's worth watching.
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