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Re: Iron Man 2: Grading, Review, Discussion **SPOILERS**

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He doesn't turn Justin Hammer into a credible threat. While he ostensibly builds the weaponry in Hammer's facility, Hammer is never in control. Vanko immediately & effortlessly seizes control when it suits his purposes.
Okay, then we could say that Hammer's resources turn Vanko into a credible threat if you'd prefer to formulate it that way.

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As others have said, the Ivan Vanko story arc really doesn't go anywhere in the film since the Vanko character really does nothing throughout the majority of the sequel. So that dread was kind of just filler and useless anyway.
And while he did set the finale of the film in motion, I don't think it was a particularly impressive finale.
So he goes from being a bum in a Russian basement to nearly defeating both Iron Man and Rhodey in the middle of Stark Expo. Say what you will about the film's quality, I'd hardly call that a story arc that "really doesn't go anyway in the film."
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