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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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Ohh no no, not predictable, just that I can always count on you to bring the heat
Well I often run across pics & stuff in my daily surfing and my Mum always told me it was polite to share.

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Tee-hee. I just had a fangirl moment.

Thanks for the new pics!
You're welcome!

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Etched wrote: View Post
I want to be that wavy-haired dude, not even gonna lie.
Wavy haired dude is Christian Borle, quite a big star on Broadway I understand.

Random pictures because its Friday morning and I'm so very bored:

With big brother Joe & Mama Quinto

Spectacularly random clothing combination even by his standards.

And some fun pics with Dania Ramerez:
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