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The biggest lie PETA has ever told is that they were founded in 1981. If that were true, I wouldn't have ever seen the Dinah Shore installment in 1976 where the founder of PETA (who is not the woman who says she founded it) telling Dinah about this new organization she founded to make certain that all animal exploitation that occurs (we're human, we exploit animals, get over it) is done in as ethical a manner as possible, and to that end, she had begun a campaign to boycott Mary Kay cosmetics with the whole picket lines outside their corporate offices, telling people about what they're doing at cosmetics counters, etc., until they get the rabbits out of their testing labs and make the company animal safe. She had at one time worked for Mary Kay in those labs, and was appalled that tests that had confirmed results from the 1920's were still being performed in 1976, and was out to put a stop to it.

Dinah was so impressed she got her friends Bob Barker and Allen Ludden (Betty White's husband) to join the organization with her. In 1981, when the bloodless coup took place and the new management abandoned the campaign against Mary Kay, Dinah and Betty White quit in disgust.
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