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Re: The best TNG episode ever

I thought Birthright: Part 2 was a great Klingon/Worf episode. Worf has spent his whole life with humans and serves in Starfleet but he loves his heritage and has an idealized view of the Empire. Consequently, as Dax pointed out in DS9, he turns out to be the most honorable Klingon alive because he's true to the teachings of Khaless and not corrupted by Klingon politics. Worf was the perfect person to have awakened the Klingon spirit in Toq and the minute I saw Toq walk out of the building in full Klingon warrior garb, I was like "hell yeah. Qapla." Toq was a great character in this episode with him discovering and embracing his Klingon culture thanks to Worf. The scene where Worf and Toq were hunting was awesome.
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