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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

We've got one more special effect shot to complete, then we send it for music/scoring, then we turn it over to Ralph for sound, and we're done with "The Old Guys." I hope it'll be ready in December, but don't hold me to that.

Right now, I'm working on the ready room set. It's been an adventure to say the least. I'm hoping to have it completed within a couple of weeks. If anyone is in the South Georgia area, I'd love to have some additional help.

Last week, we opted to begin coming up with the shooting schedule for our first full length episode, "The Void." As of this afternoon, we finalized the schedule. Shooting will take place on our bridge set on Thursday, Nov 18 - Sat - Nov 20. As our cast is comprised of local actors (as opposed to Star Trek fans) we've had to work around their acting schedules for Darton College, Georgia Southwestern University, Albany State University, and Theater Albany. It's terrific working with such talented people, but scheduling a time they're ALL available has been a challenge.

Anyway, we're still undecided as to how to release the episode, "The Void." If we release it one act at a time, it's bound to have some people irate if real-life causes delays in production (as they have since we began it). If we wait and release it as a whole, then folks are going to be complaining about the time between episodes. Fortunately, our plan is to shoot a number of vignettes that are set between episodes, and releasing these are bound to mollify some of that criticism.

Lastly, I think we're going to attend TrekTrax in Atlanta in February. I've put Ricky on it, and he's eager to handle it.
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