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Re: Star Trek: War Aftermath (my own DS9 relaunch)

Chapter Eleven

Worf was headed for the shuttle that would ferry him back to the Sword of Kahless when he spotted Ezri Dax having just disembarked from the Defiant. Three years ago, he would try to avoid her. The idea that she carried the memories of his late wife Jadzia was awkward to him. They had reached an understanding after a series of events that led to their capture by the Breen. Though Ezri could never completely replace Jadzia, he still cared about the choices she made, even feeling that she deserved better than Julian Bashir., who—in Worf’s own words—got excited “playing with toys.”

“Ezri,” he called out, as she was about to turn a corner. She stopped when she heard Worf’s voice.

“We have not had a chance to catch up since I have been back,” Worf continued.

Ezri felt a moment of awkwardness, knowing that Worf did not openly seek to make small talk.. Jadzia was certainly one exception, as were a number of fellow officers on the Enterprise-D. Behind his words, he was wishing to address a more serious and urgent matter. “What is this pressing matter?” she jokingly, but tensely asked.

“It is my understanding that you and Doctor Bashir are no longer together.”

“I thought you didn’t listen to gossip,” Ezri teased. After a moment of exchanging confused stares, Ezri sighted. “If you’re going to say ‘I told you so’, just say it already.”

“That is not my intention. You have achieved a great deal in such a short time. But do not become too focused on your Starfleet career.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Julian and I, though, we wanted different things out of each other.”

“Maybe so, but speaking from experience, I would suggest not letting opportunities for happiness slip away.”

Ezri grinned during another moment of awkward silence. The experience from which Worf was speaking was his son Alexander. He had shoved his son aside as if he was an inconvenience. From that point, the relationship between father and son remained strained, especially after Alexander was adamant that he did not want to follow the Klingon warrior tradition. In Ezri’s case, she had begun realizing her full potential, transferring from counseling to command. Her change of profession put a strain on her relationship with Julian. They eventually decided to go their separate ways, deciding that the relationship was a result of Julian’s unreciprocated attraction to Jadzia.

Ezri was not sure what else to say on the subject, and so decided to see him off at this moment. “So you’re headed back to Qo’Nos,” she said. “Safe trip and I hope you find whoever is responsible for the attempt on Martok’s life.”

“And good luck to you,” Worf replied before they headed in opposite directions.
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