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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

I have no degree. I am waiting a year to go to tech college for a degree in Automotive technology, though my dad says that its a waist of my brain. There I also want to look into a degree in electronics and or welding. I am atheist, but never impose myself on others unless they start it. I believe it would only take one person to change the world, as long as they have the imagination and determination to do it. I am a Sea Shepherd fan and absolutely believe that whaling should be banned world wide. I have nothing against Japan but I believe that they should be banned from Antarctica, any whale sanctuary, and a navy should stop them from senseless dolphin killing in their waters. I would Join Sea Shepherds if I could. I even have a ship design and want to build it for Sea Shepherd one day, you could call it a tank in water. They have to wait like 5 years to get it(I am only 18, still living at home sorry) I have an over-active imagination like no-one would believe. I got interested in star trek at a young age, which sparked my interest in a scientific fields and also spiked my imagination. I like rock music, but not the screaming stuff. I listen to 3 days grace, Breaking Benjamin, Saliva, etc. I like country rock. I want to learn to play the piano, guitar, fiddle/violin. I want to learn multiple languages. Most favorite would be Latin, Russian, and French.
This is a thread for me I could have a page just about me if I didn't hold back and stop typing. thanks.
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