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Re: Comic Caption Contest #7: Attack of the Killer Robot Army

Deleted final scene from "In the Cards":

O'Brien: "I can't believe Giger's Cellular Regeneration and Entertainment Gizmo actually "ate" Weyoun. And this episode was so pleasant and cheery up 'till now".

Kira: "The "DS9 is dark and dreary" bunch are going to be so smug over this".

"And here we are. Our 100th planet".

"101, if you count the giant cheese. Trelane sure got us with that one!"

"A new hypothesis, gentlemen. Having visited the Gangster Planet, the Roman Planet, the Nazi Planet and, yes, the giant cheese, I have narrowed the possibilities down to two: a Mime-Artist Planet and a green gobstopper. Let us pray it's the latter".

"Captain's Log, stardate 1291.3. I've found if I give a log entry, the actual action taking place is postponed somehow. It's the only way half my log entries make sense. So I'm making this one while trying to think of what to do".

Helm: "Each of these course headings, if confirmed and laid in, will take us to untold misery, danger and trauma. Many redshirts will die. Each destination will haunt our nightmares for years to come. What are your orders, sir?"

Kirk: "I pick that one!"
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