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Although the precision of the 30-second response always bothered me a little. I thought Data should have either said something like "32 seconds" or estimated and said "about 30 seconds." After all, the crew spent a couple seconds in semi-consciousness on their way in and out.

After following this thread for the last couple of days, ironically Clues just happened to be on last night. With everything that has been pointed out, it allowed me to pick up on a couple of things that I had never noticed before.

After their first trip through the 'wormhole' when Picard asks how long they were out, Data does say "Approximately 30 seconds." However, on the redo, his answer is "30 seconds sir". Which leads to a more interesting observation. Initially Picard is still full of questions and orders that they reverse heading back towards the Class M planet. This time Data suggests that doing so could put the Enterprise at further risk. Riker then suggests that they could send a probe and Date litterally cuts him off saying that it would certainly be sufficient. This leads to one of those Patrick Stewart moments. While giving Data a stare his eyes go from kind of a 'what the hell is up with you?' to an 'oh shit' look in a matter of 2 seconds. He replies with "Make it so. And put out a hazzard advisory to Starfleet."

So now I'm left to wonder after watching this ep for the 'umpteenth' time, was Picard left with at least some knowledge of the repercussions they would face should they go back?
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