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Comic Caption Contest #7: Attack of the Killer Robot Army

Previously on Star Trek: The Comic Caption Contest...
SicOne wrote:


SPOCK: (Jeezus H Christ, here we go again...)

McCOY: Yo!

SULU: Will you two asshats quit flashing gang signs at each other and give me helm olders? The Klingons are closing! Sheesh!
Bob Karo wrote:

Hunter: Come on, it's just a cup of coffee...

Majel: I'm warning you Jeff, Gene's the jealous type. He wouldn't hesitate to hire a new lead.
ProwlAlpha wrote:

McCoy: Jim, doesn't he know marijuana is still illegal?
Spock: It must be for his cataracts.
And another double win!
Gep Malaki wrote:
Rat Boy wrote:

Picard: "Remember the rules. If Tasha says 'Hailing frequencies open,' we take a shot. If Worf says 'I'm a Klingon,' we take a shot. If Data says 'Intriguing,' we take two shots. If Geordi says 'My VISOR is picking up' something, that's two shots, too. If Wesley says anything at all, that's three shots. And if Beverly says 'Jean-Luc, there's something I have to tell you,' that's four shots. Got it?"

Riker: "We're going to get so wasted by the end of this episode."
Picard: "And if Deanna says she's 'sensing' anything, finish the bottle."

Troi: [stares stoically, trying not to cry]
You're all...

And now...

Kira has words with O'Brian

The Enterprise cruises toward a planet

Kirk, Spock and Scotty have a robot army problem

Kirk has words with his helmsman

A green guy has words with Geordi
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