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I also didn't like the way Castle only seemed affected by his mother's tragedy in the scenes where he was with her. Beckett was even surprised to see Castle interviewing the reality-show guy when she expected him to be home dealing with the family crisis, and he seemed totally unfazed by it.
Castle is a pretty private man, despite appearances, and he definitely doesn't like looking vulnerable to Beckett. He played things pretty close to the vest when he was hurt by Beckett dating Sam Anders last year (though this is a whole other level of emotional turmoil, obviously). In fact, him jumping right into the interrogation without Beckett (and without meeting her first in the morning) was extremely different from his routine, and was probably one part throwing himself into work to take his mind off things and one part hitting the ground running so Beckett wouldn't have the chance to ask him about what happened.
That works as an in-story justification, but I was looking at it more from a story-structure perspective. I felt it was a failure of the writing to treat Martha's loss so cavalierly and virtually ignore it elsewhere in the episode.

I wonder if any of his books were published under Richard Rogers.
In collaboration with an author named Oscar Hammerstein? Or Lorenz Hart?

Hey, given that Martha's a Broadway vet, she probably intentionally named her son after Richard Rodgers. I wonder where the "Alexander" came from, though. Rodgers' middle name was Charles.

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So my wife and I are wondering if Stana Katic is pregnant. So far she's been wearing very loose clothing and if memory serves she wore much more fitted shirts in the previous two seasons. They also seem to be camouflaging her midsection. I really noticed it when they came up from the morgue and she was carrying her red coat draped over her arm so that it conveniently covered her belly.

Anyone else notice?
I seem to recall noticing a moment near the end where we saw her torso from the front and I got the impression of pregnancy.
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