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Re: Just Another Bridge Design

So far, so good; I always like to see a departure from the typical roundish-bridge-on-top-captain-in-the-center-facing-forward-with-nothing-in-front-of-him rules. On that note, however:

  • Having the CO face "backwards" does feel a little... off. That being said, I could get used to it.
  • The Ops/Contact/Tactical/Navigation sections; are these all pits or platforms? Or are Tactica/Nav platforms and Ops/Contact pits (as your shading seems to suggest?) The non-pointed end of the arrows should say "up" or "down" to indicate this. Personally, I'm in favor of the CO/sit table area being the highest point, but then the Navigator and Tactical officer have very limited views, so maybe the Command are should be lower than everything (sort of Galactica-style)
  • I think you should slightly re-enlarge the Ready Room in the bed/head area... when that bed is pulled out, the head door is hard to get to... maybe push the head forward a bit.
  • I take it "transparent viewscreen" is a sort of STXI-styling? If so, do the fore/aft ones look into the Ready Room and Observation lounge, or are they sort of curved up and over starting a level above the ceilings of these rooms? It seems odd to have the CO's office visible to the whole bridge crew.
  • On a similar note, I'm assuming from "Stairs to Upper Deck" and the corridors that this is not on Deck One? While I am a great proponent of NOT putting the bridge on top of the ship, the nature of the transparent viewscreens makes it a tad unclear. If those two in the bridge to curve up to view outside, then an "upper deck" would be in the way. Furthermore, the "observation dais" and it's viewscreen give the impression that this bridge is on the top deck, or at least all the way aft of the saucer (which is also a bit... odd).
That's my commentary for now; this is definitely one of the best thought-out designs I've seen in a while, and I'm looking forward to more. On a similar note, I'll likely be following your lead soon and trying to come up with my own version of a similar idea... I've always put Sit. tables in my bridge designs (usually in the aft in an NX-class style), but I've never thought to actually put to CO at the table, so this is something I want to play with.
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